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Application Version 15
  Price USD
3D-Tool V15 Basic.....
3D-Tool V15 Advanced.....
     Includes... 3D-Tool Basic + STEP, IGS, VDA,
     Parasolid, SAT import

3D-Tool V15 Premium.....
     Includes... 3D-Tool Basic + Native CATIA, ProE,
     Inventor converter + STEP, IGS, VDA,
     Parasolid, SAT import


Functionality Upgrades

Please NOTE: If you are Upgrading AND Updating the version (ex. v13 to v15),
then you Must Also add that Update to the order.
For example: you have v12 Advanced... 1st Update from v12 to V15 Adv, then Upgrade from Adv to Premium

Upgrade from Basic to Advanced...
Serial Number (5 digits)
Upgrade from Basic to Premium...
Serial Number (5 digits)
Upgrade from Advanced to Premium...
Serial Number (5 digits)

Update from previous versions
Update Basic, Advanced... V14 to V15
Serial Number (5 digits)
Update Premium V14 to V15 ...
Serial Number (5 digits)
Update older Basic, Advanced... V1 through 13, to V15 Basic, Advanced
Serial Number (5 digits)
Update older Premium...V9 through 13, to 3D-Tool V15
Serial Number (5 digits)

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System Requirements