What users have to say about 3D-Tool..



Michael Carpenter, Baytech Plastic Inc., USA

Your product is easier to work, than any other viewing program that I have tried. It is as simple as a Word Pad document, but with the translation power of most high end cad programs. Our Program Managers, some whom do not come from an engineering schooling background, have almost no learning curve.”


Steve T. Simon, Martinez & Turek Inc., USA

Since the engineering dept. here at Martinez & Turek introduced 3D-Tool to the shop it has been an extremely valuable tool. It allows shop personnel to access models for missing dimensions on prints and to view parts and tools in expanded views to better understand the method of fabrication. Martinez & turek specializes in first time proto-type tooling and flight parts that have never been built before. 3D-Tool aids us in building our parts and tools right the first time.”


Paul Schwendinger, Honeywell, USA

Collaboration locally, nationally, and internationally is critical to developing successful products. 3D-Tool facilitates fast, efficient, detailed collaboration and allows our product development teams to perform at their best.” 


Constantin Tiba, Presstran Industries Cosma International, USA

Regarding 3D – Tool – we believe it is a great product and I was recommending it to our business partners. I am not a frequent user but I can see people using it and being able to solve tasks I had to do before. Most people just need to see how a part looks like or measure some dimensions and it's always better to work with native files instead of translations. NX and CATIA are expensive software packages and we cannot afford to buy more seats, but 3D-Tool solved this issue, now anyone can open native UG or CATIA file and even translate them to IGES or STEP if needed. We might look into purchasing more licenses next year.”


Wayne R Anderson, MICO, USA

Although I utilize 3-D Tool daily for my developments, it has been a major impact of meeting efficiency and clarity.


Development: As much as I appreciate Pro-E (Creo-2) for development, 3-D Tool allows me to quickly investigate and document critical design parameters. For example, the fact that you can have a cross-section of an assembly with the ability to control individual component cross-sections allows me to view and document critical design parameters. This is similar to a physical assembly of parts within a housing (holding the parts) machined to show these internal components. In addition, a simple click of a component can change many other features instantaneously (shading, color, transparency, etc.)

Documenting 3-D Tool files into Power-Point, Word (etc.) is quick and more crisp than using Pro-E. Making a video of moving parts and including the video along with various saved window-views in one file (executable, free for distributing) is invaluable.


The “show-only” and “show-all” commands are really effective, as well as the ease of finding a component in the BOM (utilizing a simple right-click option).


Presentations and Remote Meetings: 3-D Tool has provided expedient, clear and to-the-point presentations possible. Manipulating parts and functions on the fly is more time efficient and clearer than using Pro-E directly. Graphic designers at our company do not need to alter or compose their own rendition of a snap-shot of a 3-D Tool generated file; this has not been possible with Pro-E.


Max Gerdts, President, Rapid Products

Here are the things we like:

1. Ease of measurement
2. Ease of dynamic sectioning and transparency
3. Ease of dynamically changing colors on parts
4. Auto explode - very cool feature