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Application Version 13
  Price USD
3D-Tool V13 Basic.....
3D-Tool V13 Advanced.....
     Includes... 3D-Tool Basic + STEP, IGS, VDA,
     Parasolid, SAT import

3D-Tool V13 Premium.....
     Includes... 3D-Tool Basic + Native CATIA, ProE,
     Inventor converter + STEP, IGS, VDA,
     Parasolid, SAT import


Functionality Upgrades

** Please NOTE: If you are Upgrading AND Updating the version (ex. v11 to V13),
then you Must Also add that Update to the order.
For example: you have v11 Advanced... 1st Update from v11 to V13 Adv, then Upgrade from Adv to Premium

Upgrade from Basic to Advanced...
Serial Number
Upgrade from Basic to Premium...
Serial Number
Upgrade from Advanced to Premium...


Serial Number

Update from previous versions (See ** note above when combining Upgrade with Update)

Update Basic, Advanced... V12 to V13
Serial Number
Update Basic, Advanced... V1 through 11, to V13 Basic, Advanced
Serial Number
Update Premium V12 to V13 ...
Serial Number
Update Premium...V9 through 11, to 3D-Tool V13
Serial Number


If you have ANY problems placing an order
PLEASE call 866-711-3900 or 763-772-5965

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After purchase you will receive a License Certificate which contains an Authorization Key. That is proof that you own the software independent of what you have it installed on.

Then to activate your license on a particular PC you will request and receive a License Key.

1) Download the 3D-Tool software from the Download page

2) Install the software

3) Activation

After ordering 3D-Tool you will get a receipt and a License Certificate, which contains the Authorization Key needed to request the commercial License Key.

  • Connect to the Internet on the computer that you want 3D-Tool activated on.
  • Start 3D-Tool
  • For licensing, use the initial splash screen if available, or go to Options / Licensing
  • Click on "Get License Key" button
  • Enter the Authorization Key from your License Certificate pdf into the Create License Key field
  • Click "Create Key" button. (Do not hit OK)
  • In the next window enter the e-mail address where the License Key should be sent to. Click "Create Key" button.
    The License Key will be sent to this email address within minutes.

4) Install the License Key

Once you have received the License Key by e-mail, enter the License Key into the licensing window and click Activate Key.

Now 3D-Tool is activated for the user currently logged in on this computer. If other users want to use 3D-Tool on this computer, the same License Key can to be entered for them also.